Reno Update #4

This week has probably been our biggest week yet. As you will see by the photos, the back end of the club is practically done. Mr. Karsch built the walls from the ground up (literally) and it looks like a brand new place with those walls completed.

Speaking of walls, the other three walls are coming along nicely. They have had lots of love and attention put into them (not to mention drywall compound and sanding). An older place comes with more character, and in our case, there was a lot of character (some good, some not so good).

Want to know something cool? Beyond the walls of the club are majestic columns and a ceiling that has so much character that it’s a shame to cover it up. Over the years, the building has been remodeled to fit the needs of the residential tenants above and commercial tenants below. In doing this, a lot of the original building was covered. In the pictures below, you will see the ceiling and column. So very cool!

Along with all the wall work, the bathroom was once again tackled. Once complete, it will be a very nice bathroom (which is miles ahead of the old one…). Mr. Karsch did some custom dry walling, plus Shawn has been busy working on the plumbing.

It takes an army – and we are certainly lucky to have ours! Thank you again to everyone who has been able to make it out to help. There is still work to do and if you are feeling like helping out, get in touch with Mr. Karsch.

In the meantime, here are some updated pictures!

2 thoughts on “Reno Update #4

  1. Thank you Leah for the post and pictures, awesome job done by yourself, Shawn, Steve, Linda, Gord, Blair, Wes and his Dad, and Torin just to name a few . Thank you all ⛩ 🙏 ⛩

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    1. And a huge thank you to Mike B as well!!


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