Reno Update #3

This week was a big one, folks!

We started off the week with a lot of big goals. Walls needed to be built, some walls needed repairing, the bathroom was gutted (ew…), and the ceiling was tackled. There was nothing easy about this week.

But big goals have big results and this week was no exception. We have new walls (quite a few), lots of repairs done to the old walls, plumbing planned out and ready to go, lights ready to be installed, and an almost empty floor space!

Each week is exciting for us because we are seeing first hand what happens when people pull together and work HARD. We are focused on our timeline and want to keep plowing ahead so we can open the doors as soon as possible. (No date yet)

What’s next? Well, like last week’s post, a lot. But we are closer than farther to the finish line. We still have lots of work to do on the bathroom, the floors, old walls, and the back room. Then we have to do all the finishing touches like paint, fixtures, outlets, etc. There is still a lot of work to be done, but we will do it!

Here are some pictures to show all the work that has gone into our brand new location. We appreciate everyone who has and continues to help. We have such a great taekwondo family.

Stay tuned for next week’s update!

Below we have a collection of pictures in order from early in the week, to today. You’ll notice big improvements on the walls and ceiling. Mr. Karsch is a WORK HORSE.

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