Class Schedule

**Attention: Please contact Bernie Karsch @ 519-925-9254 to find out which class your child will be placed in taking into consideration their age and current belt level.**

Unfortunately, we are not accepting children under the age of four at this time.

Junior Ninja Class (4 & 5 years of age)

This entry level class is focused around fun and high energy exercise. We begin to introduce basic concepts in taekwondo including our blocks, kicks and Korean words. This is a perfect class for your busy toddler/child who shows interest in martial arts.

Ninja Class (6 to 7 years of age)

This class expands the knowledge learned in our “Extra Junior Ninja” class. We focus on higher intensity exercise as well as the early stages of learning and discipline in the art of Taekwondo. We begin to teach your children about structure, while working on strengthening attention spans. They will learn the basic foundation of Taekwondo in a family friendly environment where children are encouraged to participate and work together as a group. We want every child in this program to feel like they are part of something special and to recognize that they are valued and important in the class. We have created a FUN, high energy program that involves lots of running, jumping, and kicking. This class has a high instructor to student ratio so that every student has the right amount of attention to succeed and do well in the class.

Intermediate Colour Belt Class (8 to 10 years of age) + Young Adult Colour Belt Class (11 to 13 years of age)

Students who come out to these classes can expect an exciting, high energy class with lots of kicking, running, floor exercises and practice sparring. They will also work to perfect the fundamentals of Taekwondo including blocks, punches, stances, patterns and self-defense. We put a high focus on commitment. By regularly attending class, students become more confident inside and outside of class. With confidence comes the opportunity to be great examples for students who are younger and have lower belts. We expect our higher belts to set a great example for all lower belts by showing great respect to everyone in the class and the instructors. We encourage higher belts to work with lower belts and younger students and to always show a positive attitude and energy. This type of behaviour helps to improve life inside and outside of class.

Adult Class (14+ years of age)

Join other members looking to either gain exercise, obtain their belts, or challenge their black belt one day. This class is tailored to all levels of players and can be joined at any point during the year.

Fight Class (All ages with intent to compete – must be authorized to attend)

Full sparring gear is required for attendance in this class. This class is aimed towards tournament fighters and those who wish to learn how to spar.

In all of our classes we offer traditional Taekwondo training from instructors with experience in both recreational and competitive Taekwondo training. We learn Taekwondo in an effort to be well rounded, positive, confident, GOOD people – all while achieving belts in the colour belt system. We prepare diligently for each grading to ensure each student participating is prepared and capable of grading for their next belt. At our school, we have an ongoing commitment to the art of Taekwondo. We are passionate and look forward to teaching our students all about what it takes to be a great Taekwondo student. We ask that our students are prompt for our class start times to make the most of training!

In all of our classes, we offer a SAFE AND ZERO TOLERANCE FOR BULLYING atmosphere. This expectation extends to outside of the class as well. If you misbehave or are caught bullying you will be asked to leave the class and your return will be determined by the school. We come to class to learn and have fun, all while feeling safe doing so. We want all students to feel as though they belong, despite any insecurities or self-doubt outside of the Taekwondo School. In class we train as a group and learn as a group. We encourage one another and strive to be great teammates. This is our standard and guarantee to all of our students. Regardless of belt or experience, we help one another while also improving ourselves. For some students it’s competitive, for some it’s recreational and for others it is to come and get a good sweat session in!

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