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Shelburne BW Taekwondo was established in September 2015 by Bernie and Linda Karsch. Bernie, who is a 3rd degree black belt, Linda Karsch, who is a 1st degree blackbelt, created Shelburne BW Taekwondo after his life long passion with the sport, and holds experience in both recreational and high performance training.

Shelburne BW Taekwondo was created with the goal of providing the Shelburne community a fun, high energy and family friendly martial art that any skill level could try and benefit from. Taekwondo is for any age and everyone is welcome into the warm family friendly classes. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to watch their children each class and to try it out themselves! Single and family memberships are available.

Shelburne BW Taekwondo is an official member of Ontario Taekwondo. We practice WT (World Taekwondo) style Taekwondo. Our tournament and recreational styles of training create a balanced training environment that can be catered to those who want to compete or to those who wish to remain recreational.



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Mr. Bernie Karsch

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Mrs. Leah Sobon


Leah began her journey in martial arts at the age of 20 mainly in the art of kickboxing (however she has experience in multiple disciplines). After a few years and colour belts in kickboxing, Leah desired to train in a more competitive art, which is where she found taekwondo. Training at Young Choung Taekwondo (Toronto) proved to be one of the most gratifying, challenging, rewarding and exciting experiences in her journey with TKD. After moving away from the city, Leah missed being involved in taekwondo, which is where she found Bernie and Linda Karsch, owners of Shelburne BW Taekwondo. Leah offers valuable teaching experience towards traditional and competitive students. This is Leah’s third year teaching and being part of SBWTKD. Being part of the SBWTKD family is something that Leah is eternally greatful for as she has met many wonderful friends and new family thanks to the great sport of Taekwondo. Cheers to many more years at SBWTKD.



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