Fall leaves, belt gradings, and the ultimate Halloween party

This has been an incredibly busy fall season for SBWTKD. Working alongside COVID-19 guidelines has taught us a lot about how amazing our students are amongst the challenges and restrictions we are all facing as a community. Our parents and students have stepped up to help us stay safe this season and we are immensely proud.

So far this fall we have had our first return to normal belt grading – which we were over the moon about! Our students showed up and showed off (in a great way)! We loved seeing everyone’s hard work and perseverance. Belts and medals were obtained and we cannot wait to see what these contenders bring to our next belt grading in the early winter.

We also got to celebrate Halloween this fall and we know the kids enjoyed this slice of normalcy. The costumes and masks were creative and we have no regrets about the amount of balloons that were used and popped for the ultimate purpose of FUN!

Remember: Taekwondo is a year round sport and there is no time like the present to try something new – whether it be for you or a member of your family.

Stay safe Shelburne.

Bernie and Linda Karsch

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