Reno Update #6

This is the final update before we open on September 2!

With the walls finished, mirrors up, and floors going in any day now, the renovation chapter of the club is slowly coming to a close. The transformation has been almost unrecognizable (which is a GOOD thing).

This past week the mirrors went up, trim went up and got painted, the big bench also got a repaint in black, not to mention the front door and trim are painted. Some big changes are still on the way including a front window re-do (exciting) and the completion of our new bathroom!

Thank you again to everyone who has taken the time to swing by and say hello, help out, and put in some elbow grease. This past spring and summer have certainly been challenging for everyone, which makes re-starting Taekwondo encouraging and exciting as it feels as though things are slowly falling back into place.

Like mentioned in an earlier post, we will be following some pretty tight rules when it comes to COVID restrictions and guidelines, BUT we will make the very best of it. If you are new to Shelburne BW Taekwondo and are interested in placing your child or yourself in our program, please give us a call at 519-925-9254 or send an email to:

Welcome back to Shelburne BW Taekwondo at our new location!

See you all in September!

Enjoy some updated photos below:

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