Reno Update #2

Hello Everyone,

Anyone else biting at the chomp to kick something again?

I know we are and rest assured, we are working fast to make that happen for everyone again. We love Taekwondo as much as you and miss it as much as you do, too.

So, where are we now with renovations?

The super large and long counters are now GONE. You should see how much training space we have – it’s very exciting! Next steps include working on the walls and floors (along with another dump run or two).

This is big time work, folks. But the end product will be great. We wanted to pass along a thanks to everyone who has volunteered their time, ideas, and help in any way. You guys are fantastic – our Taekwondo family rocks.

We have had a few people ask about our location – the new address is 110 Main Street East (the old inconviencence store). It’s close to the intersection of Highway 89/Owen Sound Street. We are so excited to be part of downtown Shelburne. Mr. Karsch loves Shelburne, especially the downtown core, and has always wanted SBWTKD to be located in the heart of our beautiful town.

When you walk by, get excited! Picture how awesome it will be to have classes again at our new location. We appreciate your patience and most importantly, your dedication to SBWTKD.

Pop on over to our facebook group to read Mr. Karsch’s latest post about some of the guidelines we will be following with the re-opening of the club this month. We will all have some adjusting to do, but we have never buckled to a challenge before!

What can you do?

Do you have a wall at home? Stretch, do wall kicks, count to ten in Korean. Practice your blocks while someone attacks you with a pool noodle. Kiyap when you close kitchen cupboards! Get that Taekwondo fire burning again – because before long, you will be back in class!

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