New Location!

Yes, you read that right! Despite a few rumblings that we disappeared, we can assure you that we are still here! Like many businesses during Covid, we took the time to regroup and reimagine the different aspects of our business. Re-assessing our location was important for us. We love downtown Shelburne and its’ history – so we ended up finding the perfect location for our great school right on Main Street!

What’s next? WORK! Lots of it. We want to make our new location perfect before we open the doors. Lots of hours have already gone into the new location, with many more on the schedule. We will work hard over the next month to be ready for a mid-august opening.

What’s happened so far?

Demo – lots of it. We have tackled gutting, electrical concerns, and plumbing projects. We have a much larger training area and foot print to work with – which excites us. BUT getting it ready requires a lot of work. But you know us, we never shy away from hard work.

Each day that passes results in great changes and sometimes, new problems. Despite that, we are full steam ahead and appreciate those who have already helped immensely. There is still lots of work to be done and we always appreciate help!

Check out a these photos below to see all the work going in!

Stay tuned for updates on our progress and thank you again for your patience as we continue to create the best training space for you and your children!

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