Tournament Results and More

Hello Everyone!

This past Saturday, three of our fighters participated in the Tri Star tournament in Kitchener. It was a long but GREAT day.

Jas fought in the ladies 12-13 year old division and came in second place! She fought aggressively and put all of her energy into her two fights. She did a fantastic job and made the club very proud! Way to go Jas on your awesome second place trophy!

Blair competed in the men’s 16 to 25 year old division and also had two fights. Blair won the first fight by a landslide with a 20 point spread only by the first round. The fight was then called and he was awarded the win. His second fight was intense and full of lots of kicks and energy. It was a close fight but in the end Blair was defeated. None the less he came home with a second place and we are super proud of him.

Shawn competed in the men’s 25 and up division and fought a hard fight. He came out aggressive and implemented a lot of his in class training into the fight but unfortunately was defeated. Despite a loss he came home with a third place trophy and we know that after watching his performance there are great things to come from him as a fighter in the future and we can’t wait to see!

We are VERY proud of the three fighters. You represented our school professionally and showed everyone that our small town has BIG heart.

What makes this day even better was how many of our non participating students showed up to support our fighters despite the long drive, bad weather and entry costs. We were floored to look up into the crowd and see familiar, cheering faces! It was awesome! Thank you so much for taking the time to come and see the fighters and for once again showing us why our club has such a great group of supportive and awesome members. Thank you!

Moving forward, we will watch our videos and practice more. We will work on our sparring and combos to make the next fights even better.

Congrats again to everyone!

girls at tri starblair on podiumshawn on podium

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