New Team Jacket

Hello Everyone!

(update: looks like we might have the coats available for trying on and size determination by Sunday the 26th)

Good news is we have found a great jacket and are excited to show you what we have created. Below are some mock images of the jacket. Please keep in mind that the jacket colouring is the black and red example. The blue jacket is to show you what the bottom of the back will look like. We are hoping to have some samples in the next week or so for you to try on. We will also have a size chart available (which I will post online).


The jackets will have the club logo embroidered on the front left chest and the school name screened on the bottom of the back (as depicted below).




Adult sizes (both men and women’s styles available): $50.00


Junior sizes: $45.00


If you want a jacket you can pay Leah by either cash, email money transfer or cheque. We will only order jackets after they have been paid for in full.


I’ll be at the club tonight if you have any further questions.


– Leah 🙂



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