Tournament Registration Deadline

Hello Everyone,

We are asking that everyone intending on competing at Tri Star’s Tournament on March 11/2017 have the registration forms and monies in to Mr. Karsch by March 4/2017 – please see Mr. Karsch for registration information. That being said, now seems like a good opportunity to remind everyone what equipment is mandatory to participate in a tournament.

  1. Headgear: Comes in all sizes and can be red, blue or white. Generally speaking, you are supposed to match your headgear to your chest protector – so either buy both red and blue or just white.
  2. Mouth Guard: Make sure you mold these in advance to the tournament – it is not a fun feeling wearing an un-molded mouth guard.
  3. Reversible chest protector: The referees will tell you which colour you are when you are being set up to fight. If your chest protector is too small they won’t let you fight and if it’s too large you will find yourself unable to move as quickly (not to mention it is a bigger target for your opponent).
  4. Arm and shin guards: Sizing is important as you want to ensure the majority of the shin and forearm are well protected.
  5. Groin protection: For both males and females. Self explanatory 🙂
  6. Optional: Hand and instep protectors: You are only allowed to wear the approved styles/brands. This is up to the competitor most often and not necessary for a fight.

All of the above can be purchased through Mr. Karsch and in order to have what you need for the tournament, please ensure all equipment orders are in no later than Feb 28/2017.

Side note:

**If you would like to purchase targets for at home training, please talk to Mr. Karsch**

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