FAQ about Taekwondo Tournaments

Hello Everyone,

Since tournaments are relatively new to the club, we figured this would be a good opportunity to share some general information about how tournaments are run from administration to a competitor’s involvement.

Tournaments happen on a monthly basis and are usually hosted by schools/wholesalers and in some cases federations. At each tournament you have the opportunity to compete in either fighting or patterns (or both). Tournaments are generally a pre-registered event and done so through the school that you are presently attending. On occasion, a tournament host will accept same day registration on arrival, however this is something that needs to be discussed with your instructor ahead of time.

Sign in is early – usually around 8:00 AM. Plan to spend the day at the tournament as it typically is an all day event. If you are coming with more than just your coaches (we encourage family to come and cheer the competitors on) please make sure you find out if there is a spectator fee – as there usually is and it can be between $5.00-$10.00 per person. That is generally paid at the door by cash.

Tournament competitor fees: Your fee to compete is set by the tournament host who retains all of your fee. Meaning, everything you pay to attend goes towards the host of the tournament not the school you attend. That fee covers rental of the facility, paying the referees, insurance and other associated costs. Most tournaments cost around $60-$70 a competitor. Depending on your belt, age and size, as well as the size of the tournament and number of attendees, you may have one fight or several. Generally children have more than one fight. Fights last on average 60 seconds and are won by gaining the most points. If you end in a draw – you will then follow the rules set by the tournament for draws.

It is very important, win or lose, to show great sportsmanship as we are representing not only ourselves as fighters but also our great school. Every fight will be a learning experience that you can grow from. After tournaments, coaches will take the time to talk with the competitors and offer them feedback.

Tournaments are fun! If you think tournaments are for you or your child please talk with Mr. Karsch.

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